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The Creator's Gift to Little Rabbit

     "Both Nichi-Rah-Ni'i, Little Rabbit, and Do'o'cho-ko-ja-jeh-che'a, Coyote, once held out their paws to the Creator, Oh-Toh-La-Noh, who had promised each of them a great gift.  The animals had smiled at the prospect of receiving such a kind and benevolent blessing from the Creator's own, mighty Hand.  Both Coyote and Little Rabbit were excited, and their hearts beat rapidly in their chests.

     "Into Do'o'cho-ko-ja-jeh-che'a, yellow-eyed Trickster's, huge, hairy paw, Oh-Toh-La-Noh laid Little Rabbit's tiny, still-beating heart of Hearts.  How this was so, is a great and terrible mystery.  But, my Little Ones, it is a mystery that, if you think about it, makes perfect sense.

     "Coyote grinned.  And his big tongue dripped with anticipation.  Oh-Toh-La-Noh nodded to Trickster, indicating that he should accept his Gift.  And so...he did.  With one, mighty gulp, Do'o'cho-ko-ja-jeh-che'a swallowed Nichi-Rah-Ni'i's heart of Hearts.

     "Little Rabbit was mortified, and her tiny paw shook as she held it out to receive her own Gift.  She was unsure, now, if she truly wanted Oh-Toh-La-Noh's blessing.

     "As you may have already guessed, my Nichi Ah-nah hai'a, her Gift was indeed Trickster's own, living, still beating heart of Hearts, which Oh-Toh-La-Noh slowly reached to place onto Nichi-Rah-Ni'i's furry little, outstretched paw.

     "Little Rabbit took one look at Coyote's massive, beating heart, and she flung it far away, as deep into Shadow as she could possibly throw it.

     "And why, my Little Ones, might she have done that?  Well, it was because of what Nichi-Rah-Ni'i, Little Rabbit, saw with her Starsighted little eyes.  And it made Little Rabbit Afraid.  And to Wish only for Light in the depths of her Little Rabbit Soul.  What she Saw was Do'o'cho-ko-ja-jeh-che'a, yellow-eyed Trickster's, deepest, Darkest intention.  His Tah-mal-ha-ca-ha'ya.  His Living, Dark-as-Dark-can-ever-be Medicine.  And it lay there, beating inside Coyote's heart of Hearts, right there, on Nichi-Rah-Ni'i's outstretched little paw.

     "Dark-Medicine, my Little Ones, is not just an object.  Although it can be.  Like a Medicine-Pouch.  Or some Fetish.  Or a Dark Wish that is intended to do Harm.

     "Coyote's heart of Hearts was like that.  His Heart was filled with Tah-mal-ha-ca-ha'ya.  Dark Medicine.  And Nichi-Rah-Ni'i saw that ancient Truth as easily as she could see her own, quivering whiskers.

     "What Little Rabbit saw, so deep inside that still-beating heart of Hearts, was Coyote's deepest, Darkest, most-Evil, inward Desire—which was to eat far more than just Little Rabbit's beating little heart of Hearts...

     "...or even to dine on her own, furry little Body.  What Nichi-Rah-Ni'i Saw, my Little Ones, was Coyote's Wish to devour her entire Soul."

"Oh-Toh-La-Noh's Gift to Nichi-Rah-Ni'i, Little Rabbit" ~ as Told by Illikahn Eagletree to the Ah-nah hai'a, Children   

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