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The Seven-Sisters-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky

The Seven-Sisters-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky from the Legends of the Kah-ta'i-hai'a are the daughters of the Sun, Chuma-Hai, and their mother, tah-Chuma-Hai, the not-Sun of Otherworld.  The starlight-filled sisters were fostered and brought into this world by Peh-lah-na, Sister Moon, the wife of Chuma-Hai.

Peh-lah-na, Sister Moon's, voice was forever silent about the origin of her foster-daughters  and she vowed to keep that knowledge secret.  Once per cycle of the Moon, Peh-lah-na would turn her golden-white face away from the Earthmother to cry tears of shame at her seven daughters' un-chaste origin.  And yet, Sister-Moon forever-always regained her silent dignity, and returned to flood the Seven-Sisters-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky with her soft, golden-white warmth and light.  Because of the light they carried within them, even despite their Otherworld origin, the seven starlight-filled Sisters  were the most cherished of all of Peh-lah-na's children.  They were:


  •      Ah-teh-na-pah-tah-pah-ech'na-tah-Mantah--She-Who-Whispers-into-Darkness

  •      Tah-Nee-Ah Ik-sa-hai--Bright Star-Chaser

  •      O'hai-Ne'ah-Li'iko--Most-Beautiful-Day-Star

  •      Jai'o'hai Bih-noh'pah--Star-Dancer

  •      Nichi Mah-He-Nah-Pah--Little Brave-Heart of the River

  •     Tah-Nak-Te'o-Tah-Ne'a-Hai--Sweet-Bright-Star

  •      Nichi-Pak-tah-kah-Mo'oh-da-Chuma--Littlest-Daughter-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky--Star-Woman


(1) The Eldest — Ah-teh-na-pah-tah-pah-ech'na-tah-Mantah

     She-Who-Whispers-into-Darkness, as Star-Man renamed her, kept Star-Man's great Teh-na Bash-ta'ia, his Star-Lance, forever safe by sacrificing her own life and using the Ca-ha'ya, ancient Medicine, of her own soul to hide it from Darkness for all of Eternity.

     Her eldest daughter was Teh-Na'a-Pah-Hai, Star-Speaker, whose skin was recolored with Pah-i'a-na the Earthmother's red-brown clay.  Chuma-Hai, the Sun, baked the color into her skin.  Thus was forever, through her own daughter, the color of the skin of her descendants changed.  The descendants of the original Star-dwellers are named the Kah-ta'i-hai'a, the People.  To this very day, they live on the slopes of Dah'jeh-le-vah, the Mountain of the Ancestors.

     Naya-Kah-Pah-i'a-na, She-of-the-Earthmother, She-Who-Whispers-into-Darkness' eldest granddaughter, was the first and eldest Daughter of Teh-Na'a-Pah-Hai, Star-Speaker.  She was First-Born of all those whose inner Light was to remain hidden beneath the red-brown color of Pah-i'a-na, the Earthmother.  In her, and in the Blood of all her direct maternal descendants, the Great Secret of the Star-Lance's hiding place has been forever carried.

(2) Tah-Nee-Ah Ik-sa-hai — Bright-Star-Chaser

     Tah-Nee-Ah Ik-sa-hai — Bright-Star-Chaser, who runs as fast as Starlight.  Without ceasing, across the vastness of the Great Void, she continues to chase the Shadow of her Forever-Lost, Littlest-Sister-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky.


(3) O'hai-Ne'ah-Li'iko — Most-Beautiful-Day-Star

     O'hai-Ne'ah-Li'iko's radiance was unsurpassed.  As was her skill with Shadow.  None could match her ability to Shape-change, and to create matter from Darkness just as equally as she could from Light.  Day-Star fought the Minions of Darkness with her bare hands, and, according to Legend, it was O'hai-Ne'ah-Li'iko who was the very first to answer O'hai Na'a-Ka'o's call to arms to turn the Great Tide of Darkness from the heavens.

     O'hai-Ne'ah-Li'iko stood tirelessly beside the great Warrior of Light, and as the Battle of the Stars eventually turned, it was Most-Beautiful-Day-Star who pushed onward into the Darkness, continuing into the Great Void while Star-Man searched beyond all light for Star-Woman and his Darkness-stolen Star-Child.

     With a Promise that one day they would be re-united, Day-Star made the golden-haired Warrior of Light vow to Save his traditional, Brotherly kiss of Parting until one day when their Destinies would once again be brought together.  Their kiss, like a planted Seed, would then be transformed into a kiss of Greeting — or even more than a kiss of Greeting — should O'hai Na'a-Ka'o not find her youngest Sister, the Littlest-Sister-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky, otherwise known as Star-Woman.

     Most-Beautiful-Day-Star magically reached into Shadow and Created O'hai-Po'a, Star-Horse, who was Filled with Starlight.  The Great Steed faithfully carried Star-Man across the forever-depths of purest Darkness.  Star-Man eventually had to abandon Star-Horse when he heard a distant call for Help from an un-Known Sister of Light.  Unable to any longer ride the Great Steed into Shadow, Star-Man decided to pursue the Lost Sister on foot.  Whispering his Need into the Darkness of the Great Void, Star-Man blindly entrusted Star-Horse to Fate — Knowing in his heart-of-Hearts that all that would, or could, come to O'hai-Po'a would Serendipitouisly be guided by Light.

     True to the Light in her Name, it was Star-Horse who Found the injured Sister.  Unbeknownst to Star-Man, when he had sent the faithful Mare away, he had sent O'hai-Po'a to aid Tah-Nak-Te'o-Tah-Ne'a-Hai, Sweet-Bright-Star, the second youngest Daughter-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky.  Realizing that Star-Man was lost in the Darkness of the Great Void, Sweet-Bright-Star wove a magical Black Feather into Star-Horse's mane.  After the Starlit-eyed young Mare eventually returned to Star-Man, having searched forever beyond the Stars to find him, it was this very Feather that O'hai Na'a-Ka'o removed from Star-Horse — and still, to this day, wears in his own, golden-haired Medicine Braid. 

     Dja-ne-ke'a Cho-ko-do'o'hai — Walks-Far-Through-Starlight — was O'hai-Ne'ah-Li'iko, Most-Beautiful-Day-Star's, first-born daughter.  She was forced to lead her injured, Star-Nosed, jet-black Stallion, Sky-Foot, through the Dark Void in order to Save him from the Dark Beasts.  Like her aunt, Bright-Star-Chaser, she races non-stop through the Heavens, constantly goading and leading the Dark Ones away from the Star-Children.


(4) Jai'o'hai Bih-noh'pah — Star-Dancer

     Jai'o'hai Bih-noh'pah's Knowledge of Ancient Medicine was perhaps the greatest.  Her own Search for Nichi-Pak-tah-kah-Mo'oh-da-Chuma, the Littlest Sister-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky, led her to Seek within the very hearts of the Stars that lay across the Heavens.  Thus it was that she Mastered the Ancient Language of the Stars, and re-Discovered all of their Secrets.  Thinking that perhaps tah-Chuma-Hai, the Dark Sun of Otherworld, their own Blood-Mother, had hidden the Littlest-Sister-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky within the Shadowy Darkness of the not-Star's own, Medicine-filled heart, Star-Dancer slipped into Otherworld in Search of her youngest Sister and never returned.  Legend tells that it is Jai'o'hai Bih-noh'pah's own, Silent Whisper which Shadowdancers and Seekers of Medicine can hear, Hidden forever in the Shadow-filled Voices of the Stars.


(5) Mah-He-Nah-Pah — Brave Heart of the River

     The third youngest of the Sisters-of-Light from Legend, whose own daughter — also is Named Mah-He-Nah-Pah — showed Little Star-Speaker how to Search for Star-Man's Teh-na Bash-ta'ia in the Great River of Life.  It was Nichi-Mah-He-Nah-Pah, Little-Brave-Heart-of-the-River, who taught Star-Man how to look into the depths of the allegorical Great River of Otherword — the River of Souls — and showed him how to find Nichi O'hai Pak-tah-nah, Little Star-Child's, ancient thread of Destiny, which led him to eventually discover her in the Darkness of the Great Void.


(6) Tah-Nak-Te'o-Tah-Ne'a-Hai — Sweet-Bright-Star

     The second youngest of the ancient Sisters-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky.  She was the almost-twin of the Littlest Daughter, who had Star-Sight, or future-Sight, a prescient Gift that made her never Believe that her younger Sister of the Sun-Filled-Sky was Lost Forever — because they Forever lay together in her Dreams.

      Secretly, because of her great, all-consuming love for both Nichi-Pak-tah-kah-Mo'oh-da-Chuma and for O'hai Na'a-Ka'o, she snuck away into Darkness, trusting in her heart of Hearts that her almost-twin Sister needed her help, and that she could, and would, eventually find her.  She was thence the third of the ancient Sisters-of-Light of the Star-People to step into the Forever Darkness of the Great Void — and into that eternal Realm of Blackness — which lay far beyond the Stars, where both she and her younger Sister, Star-Woman, the Littlest-Sister-of-the-Sun-Filled-Sky remained Forever lost in Darkness. 

     Sweet-Star's prescient Star-Sight  had shown her the most profound of all Secrets in the Ancient Legends.  It was this Secret that she Whispered into Star-Man's ear when he departed from that Land of Eternal Light.  The Secret was that she, herself, would give Birth to another Child of the Stars.  And that she, also, would Name that Child Star-Child.

     But the untold, forever-unanswered question of paternity remains unanswered, even to this day.  Many speculate that there was only one Father of both Star-Children.

     That was Tah-Nak-Te'o-Tah-Ne'a-Hai's Secret, which O'hai Na'a-Ka'o carried in his heart of Hearts for Eternity as he walked through the Great Void in search of his Starlight-bride, Star-Woman, and his forever-lost Star-Child.


(7) The Youngest — Nichi-Pak-tah-kah-Mo'oh-da-Chuma-Hai

     O'hai Pah-le-lah, Star-Woman, Star-Bride of O'hai Na'a-Ka'o, is also called Iya-Ko-Naya-Pa, She-Who-Walks-Bravely.  Her name is often whispered in the telling of a Legend because as Mother-of-the-Stars she is so revered.  She is known as She-Who-Fights-Beside-Star-Man, her Maktah Ca-ha'ya, Koh-Kah-na'a-Shatwa-Hei, that Ancient, Starlight-filled Seeker-of-Truth.  Star-Woman threw herself into the Great Void, that place beyond all Light — the place of Forever-Darkness — in search of her eldest daughter, Star-Child, O'hai Pak-tah-nah, who was stolen away by the Greatest of all Dark Beasts.   Into the farthest depths of the Great Void, Star-Man followed.  He continues to this day to seek for the two greatests loves of his life.

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