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About the Author

As an avid reader of science fiction, the springboard for Stan's writing career began when he won a writing award for a science fiction short story contest for Read Magazine when he was 12 years old.  He never stopped writing after that.  For the last two and a half decades, he's been an elementary teacher, all the while writing his books, which have amassed to well over a dozen yet-to-be-published manuscripts in the epic series, Dancers of Light and Darkness.  This website is part of his current decision to finally get his novels published.


As well as being a teacher and writer, he has served nationally as an educational consultant for private schools.  He is also a certified Systemic and Family Constellation facilitator. He lives with his wife and their two Siamese cats in a split-level suburban house, has an overgrown garden where he fights a losing battle against dandelions, leaves and grass. The back yard...well, that's another story.  The only battle there is to try and figure out what to do with everything that grows and lives there.  Fortunately, both he and his wife love wildlife--if you consider raccoons, foxes, squirrels and voles wildlife!


Stan writes every day, and occasionally takes walks around a nearby lake, rides his bike when he can unbury it from the mound of "stuff" that lives in their garage, and takes great enjoyment in watching the sun set to the west in all its cloud-draped, Rocky-Mountain splendor. 

For more about Stan you are invited to read his interview at

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