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New site.  New blog.  New author.  New everything.  As my life unfolds from this point forward, and as the author of the epic fantasy series, Dancers of Light and Darkness, I pledge my personal best to keep you all informed about my comings and goings.  I can think of nothing more gratifying than keeping my author-hands perpetually tied to the responsibility of writing, and writing...and writing. :) 


My first award submission


I just submitted the fabulous (well, I think it's fabulous) cover art for Sisters of Light to The Book Designer for their monthly eBook cover design awards.  With one to two-hundred submissions each month, perhaps the art will be recognized--one book each in the categories of fictrion and non-fiction are awarded, with a few honorable mentions.  It's also an opportunity to be given some professional feedback on the cover image, as well as some authentic, professional critique on how relevant the image is toward promoting the book in its intended genre blend of epic-paranormal-fantasy.   Keeping my fingers crossed.



First-ever published date


Thanks to Mark Coker and crew at, and to the delightful artists at Deranged Doctor Design, and to my first and beta readers and editors, I have finaly fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a published author.  Notwithstanding that the first edition of Sisters of Light is an eBook,  with over sixty percent of all potential sales electronically purchased in today's market--even 95 percent, according to some sources--and forty times the number of downloads going to free downloads compared to paid sales, for me, it's not a big deal that it hit the e-waves first.  No matter what format, just being published has been an extremely tall crest that I've been riding ever since the downloads began.  Definitely, it's one of the most enthralling highs I've ever experienced in my life. 


It's probably because I have no perspective.  Which is wonderful.  I would have been, and indeed was, excited for even the first 10 downloads.  Now I can truly be excited over the nearly 400 downloads of Sisters of Light in only three weeks.  I have absolutely no idea if that's good or bad.  But that, too, is probably best.  No disappointment.  It's amazing to witness that much interest in my writing.  I can only hope it continues.


I'm weeks away from getting my paperback version distributed, and I will be equally interested to see the buzz that comes with others getting hard copies in their hands.  Apologies to those readers for it taking a bit of time to get the print version out.  But it's coming!  The final art is done, (the back cover is fantastic) and only the upload of the artwork and the final upload of text to CreateSpace is left.  Wish me luck.


I finally came to the resolve that if I didn't publish now, this late in my life, that the series would find its proverbial way down the Great River into oblivion.  I'm thoroughly convinced that it needs more respect than that.  And thanks to all my beloved readers, I'm even more motivated now to seeing this series through to the end.

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