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The Epic Fantasy Romance Series by Stan Sudan

Dancers of Light and Darkness is a contemporary fantasy romance series about a Sister of Light, Iya-Ko-Naya, her sister-cousin Sweet-Star and their promise-bound Brother of Light, Shatwa Hei.  With the help of their warrior friends and their Medicine-skilled relations, the three Seekers of Light  are challenged to reawaken the long-forgotten memories that lie dormant within their legacy-carrying souls.  Inexplicably tied to Dah'jeh-le-vah, the Mountain of the Ancestors, which sits in two worlds, the young Seekers' only chance for survival is to fight the  living, Otherworld Darkness that relentlessly pursues them into the ancestrally haunted canyons and wastelands.

Sisters of Light ~ Available at Amazon

ISBN-10: 1505544556

ISBN-13: 978-1505544558


Sisters of Light, Book One of the epic fantasy romance trilogy, Dancers of Light and Darkness, unveils the trying, youthful saga of Iya-Ko-Naya, whose Legacy-given destiny has always been to become Daughter of the Mountain, the Keeper of the Ancient Ways of her People. 

Iya, along with her beloved Sister-cousin Te'o-Hai, must quickly learn to  defend her ancient culture from the timeless threat of an invisible Darkness that can, by merely appearing in their dreams, slay both the reawakened Seekers as well as the children of their people.  The two are compelled by their up-Mountain destinies to uncover the hidden secrets of their inherited legacies before Darkness can return to do more harm.


 The two nearly inseparable Sister-cousins' answers lie in the dreams that the two Sisters of Light  both have of a mysterious Outsider who--much to their own mutual delight, but to the alarm and trepidation of the Elder Sisters--seems to have stepped  directly out of Legend.  Shatwa Hei's  destiny, the two Sisters of Light are told in a shared vision, is also theirs to either gain...or to lose if they are not bold enough to challenge the Forbidden and pursue it.

Dancers of Light 

ISBN-10:  1522957693 (Print edition)

ISBN-13:  978-1522957690 (Print edition)


In Book Two, Iya continues her fiery struggle with the up-Mountain Council of Elder Sisters over the ways-challenging status of her friend and fellow apprentice Shatwa Hei.  The confrontation, which provides Darkness with an opportunity to pour chaos into the springtime festivities at Riverpark, threatens far more than the lives of the young dancers who merely thought they were bringing a blessing to the celebration.  As Darkness is unleashed among Iya's people, the most vulnerable are the children who carry ancient, reawakened skills attached to their personal Legacies, including  Little Star-Speaker, whose timeless Legacy is paramount to returning Star-Man's Great Lance.

As Darkness pursues Little Star-Speaker, her mother's medicine-touched call for help lies unheard--and unanswered--until Dark-Bear's-Sister and  her miscreant daughter Constanza are dragged from their dreams by the soul-compelling strength of She-Who-Whispers' plea.  In rare yet noble Shadow-fighting form, Dark-Bear's-Sister and her daughter find themselves outmatched and wrestling with an ancient, lives-threatening riddle as they struggle to save Star-Man, Star-Woman, She-Who-Whispers and her tiny daughter Star-Speaker from an eternal fate that could not only end their Legacies, but eliminate all life in real-time.


Medicine Riders 


ISBN- Coming soon

In the aftermath of a massive Shadow-storm, the Daughter of the Mountain is forced to send all but three of her youngest Clan-Sisters to safe-haven, away from the threat of  Darkness that has slipped into real-time from Otherworld.  Untested in real-time combat, the three young Dancers race to warn their families that the Dark Ones have broken through from Shadow.  Fearing that her Outsider friend Shatwa Hei will be overcome by the Dark Minions, Iya sends her Medicine Rider friend, Day-Star Black-Feather, the Dark-Medicine practicing sister of Iya's ex-husband, to search the Flatlands for the young guardian.

A race for more than life ensues--even the ageless trust of Clans and entire Legacies are at stake as Day-Star, pursued by the Minions of Darkness, defies the Forbidden and chooses to travel on foot with Shatwa Hei to the Mountain of the Ancestors.  The two are caught between an ancient, narrowly interpreted edict of death at the hands of the up-Mountain warriors who are sworn to enforce the up-Mountain tenets, and an  equally certain death by the Light-seeking  Dark Beasts that pursue them across the Wasteland.

Medicine Riders is the final book of the opening trilogy to the series.  But it is hardly the end to the adventures of Iya-Ko-Naya, her Medicine Brothers and the five Medicine-riding Sisters.  The trilogy is followed by Brothers of Light, the fourth book in the series, which delves into the complex, interwoven lives of the Flatland guardians as they fend off Darkness.  Under the cover of a massive Shadow-storm, Dark Minions race across the Wasteland in pursuit of yet another of Iya-Ko-Naya's Sisters of Light, Dja-ne-ke'a Hawkman, Sergeant Jack Hawkman's crazy-spirit-riding little sister. 

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