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Trilogy Cover Preview ~ Dancers of Light and Darkness Books 1, 2 and 3

Working up the art for the trilogy has been my most recent multi-tasked effort. Thanks to Darja, Kim and cover designer Marushka at Deranged Doctor Design for still more wonderful work

The "box" for the set is, unfortunately, not a physical one. At least not yet. Just how cool would that be?

Still, I find the e-Book cover art to be highly motivating. Having it in hand imbues me with a tremendous amount of personal energy, which keeps me trekking with an incredible amount of motivation toward getting the entire series done. (One book at a time, of course).

I'm hoping for Dancers of Light and Medicine Riders to be released about four months apart, followed by the trilogy box set. I still have steady, FREE downloads of Book One, which continues to improve the readership base for the series.

I'm really excited to be moving on to the nuances, relationships and escapades of all the characters beyond the trilogy--the ones who have influenced the Daughter of the Mountain Iya-Ko-Naya and her down-Mountain guardian Shatwa He, and whose stories are all dying to be told.

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