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Cover Reveal Book 3 Medicine Riders

I'm so happy with Deranged Doctor Design. In the professional world there's nothing like meeting with a service provider and being taken care of because they know you, know what you want, and anticipate all your future needs before you've even explained why it is you've stopped by.

I put Deranged Doctor Design in a category along with my masseuse. In order to get a great massage you only have to say a few words. The rest is in the treatment. And the loving care of professional hands that know their business. And the surrender to their judgment.

It's taken a few steps to get in synch with Kim and Marushka at DDD, but they know the market--as any great design team certainly has to--and they are beginning to understand my crossover niche. Perhaps even more than I do. I'd never thought about myself as a paranormal romance writer. But the hits and interest on social media continue to build that way. I don't mind. I just love to write, and want the books to look like the content. And they do.

They sent me two equally strong, lovely covers to choose from on this last go-round for the final book in the opening trilogy. I told them to save the other mock-up because it was spot-on character-wise, and it's likely to come back and be used in future books in the series. Both covers made me want to jump straight into edits on book three and hurry to publish even before my book two edits are finished. But I'm grateful for the kick in the pants and the excitement that the mock-up generated. DDD's done wonders for my self-esteem--and of course the validation of actually being an author. There's nothing like communicating directly with support professionals who understand who you are.

Next up is a workup for the trilogy promos and some social media artwork, including convention banners and related flyers. I'm hard at work on line edits for book two. I'm anticipating Dancers of Light to be released in a couple months. Very happy. More to come soon.

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